A photograph of a police officer attending to the scene of a car accident went viral for all the right reasons…

The Norfolk Police Department in Virginia sent officers to an incident where a lady had a seizure that led her to collide with a tree.

Officer Jordan Marksbury was diverting her focus elsewhere at the site of the accident as the first responders were giving medical care to the lady who was hurt in the collision.

She made it her mission to reassure the woman’s small kid and keep her calm until the rest of the woman’s family arrived and took her back home. The adorable picture shows the little child wearing a police jacket and having Officer Jordan Marksbury’s arm around her as she is enveloped in the jacket.

In the midst of such a terrifying situation, no doubt that the little girl really appreciated the compassion and solace that Officer Marksbury provided to her. A photo that captured the moment when the two of them were together ended up taking first place in a contest.

This photograph was chosen as the winner of the “Community Policing in Action” picture contest held by the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) section of the Department of Justice in May 2022.

The Norfolk Police Department said in a news statement that “the situation in the winning picture is nothing out of the norm for the NPD, which focuses on assisting its community members in as many ways as it can.”

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