Video: A sentimental man expresses gratitude to the “nicest judge in the world” for transforming his life decades ago…

In the recent past, there have been a multitude of instances that have provided hope, whether as a result of the kindness of a judge or the rousing account of someone who triumphed against hardship.

The majority of those instances are from the program “Caught in Providence,” which features actual individuals having their cases tried in front of Judge Frank Caprio there. Caprio now holds the position of chief municipal judge for the area.

The great degree of generosity that he has given to so many individuals who have been a part of the judicial system has become one of the things that he is recognized for, having become one of the things that he has become known for throughout the years that he has served on the bench.

Even more impressive is the fact that Caprio is regarded as “the kindest judge in the world.” Jose Jimenez, a local of Providence who goes by the name of Jose Jimenez, was a witness in Caprio’s trial back in September of 2018.

He had a parking ticket that he had paid for, but there was a late charge associated to it that he hadn’t paid off yet.

On the other hand, when Jimenez arrived in the courtroom of Judge Caprio, he had something else he wanted to discuss with the judge.

It turned out that Jimenez had a rather poor reputation, and he need the assistance of another individual to point him in the proper way. The words that Caprio uttered to him on that particular day brought him to tears and.

Jimenez recalled the  words that Caprio had spoken with him over three decades ago  “Or you can be someone” and Jimenez put forth a lot of effort to become a citizen of the United States, and now that he has done so, he is taking a greater level of care behind the wheel since he now has a commercial driver’s license.

After a little separation, the two gentlemen embraced one another and shook hands.

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