A woman follows an elderly man and his misbehaving grandson throughout the shop, but when he reveals the truth to her. the woman starts giggling uncontrollably…

The events of the story begin when a customer at the grocery store overhears a conversation between a grandfather and his misbehaving grandson.

When they reached the candy section, she saw that her grandson, who was just three years old at the time, was yelling for sweets while his grandfather was busy with the grocery shopping.

When they got to the section where the biscuits were, the child started yelling for biscuits once again, then the toddler started yelling for cereal and fruit while they were walking through the other aisles of the store.

The grandpa maintained his composure throughout all that happened and told William,” Easy, boy”

When the little child caused another disturbance, the grandfather remained calm and reassured him, saying, “It’s alright, William; in just a few more minutes, we’ll be out of here.” The mischievous child started tossing stuff out of the shopping cart as soon as they reached the check-out counter.

After seeing his irritable demeanor, his grandfather spoke to him in a calm and collected tone, saying, “William, William, relax buddy, don’t get mad. We will be home for more than five minutes, so keep your calm, William”

The manner in which this grandfather dealt with his grandchild’s outburst of temper had, by this point, left quite an impact on the lady who had been observing them the whole time. After following them to the parking lot, the woman went up to the old guy and introduced herself.

She said to him, “It has nothing to do with me, but you were incredible in there. I can’t fathom how you managed to pull it off.

Throughout all of that, you maintained your cool, and despite how loud and disruptive he became, you simply kept stating everything will be alright in a calm and collected manner. William is really fortunate to have someone like you for a grandfather.

Grandpa’s response was simple, “Thank you.” Then, though, he continued, “but my name is William. Kevin is the name of the naughty young brat.

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