A woman gives a guy the title of “Hero” for rescuing her from a flaming automobile while other people just drove by…

In recent weeks, a lady from Georgia called Monica Westbrook went through the most terrifying event of her life when she was caught inside of her burning automobile.

She was fortunate enough to be saved from harm by a good Samaritan who was passing by at the time.

Monica said that she was travelling down Interstate 75 on her way to work when all of a sudden, her automobile slowed down owing to some technical issues.

The vehicle then coasted to the exit ramp, at which point it fully cut out and started belching smoke. However, the door would not open for her when she attempted to leave the vehicle.

According to what she said, “the smoke kept becoming thicker and heavier, and that’s when I thought, ‘Oh my God, this vehicle is going to go on fire.'”

As Monica saw the smoke fill up her automobile, she slipped into a state of terror and found it difficult to think clearly. She began kicking on the rear window in an effort to get out of the car via the trunk, but her efforts were unsuccessful.

The situation was made much worse by the fact that none of the vehicles who passed by and saw it thought to stop and provide assistance when they noticed the flames spreading inside the vehicle.

She said that “Cars were coming down the ramp and they were simply driving past” as she spoke about the incident. “I simply knew that I had passed on.”

Fortunately, a safety manager named Eric Zastawny was traveling on the same freeway at the same time.

As soon as he saw the fire, he came to an instant halt and retrieved a fire extinguisher from the corporate vehicle that he was utilizing at the time.

Eric used the fire extinguisher to shattered one of the car’s windows, not aware that there was a person trapped inside. As soon as the Good Samaritan noticed Monica, he dragged her through the opening to safety.

Monica, who wished there were “more Erics,” expressed her gratitude to her rescuer by saying, “When he took me out of the vehicle, I just clutched onto him, and he just held on tighter.”

She continued by saying, “Eric is most certainly a hero, and I will be eternally thankful to him.”

It seemed like the proper action to do in the man’s eyes.

“Be a nice neighbor, and always be eager to assist others when they are in need. It is very evident that this goes a very long way,” he said.

Eric said that he had the impression that it was predetermined that he should be there at that moment. When they saw one other again, Monica showed her appreciation by handing him a note and some flowers.

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