The first time the little kid gets to hug his newborn sister, he can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of emotion…

Some of the elder brothers and sisters in the family are prone to having jealous outbursts whenever a new baby is welcomed into the household.

And although such childlike emotions may be very sweet at times, the video that parent Ali Retelle uploaded of her son seeing his newborn daughter for the first time is something else entirely.

One of the most heartwarming moments in the video is when a little kid is shown carrying his younger sister in his arms.

When he eventually raised his head, his parents saw that he had been crying and couldn’t stop staring at her little face as she made minor movements with her arms.

The young man, who seemed to be overcome by all of the feelings of joy, love, and amazement that he was experiencing, was unable to hold back his tears as he cherished the fact that his sister existed.

The mother then said, “You may say anything you want to her.”

However, the child seemed to be at a loss for words to adequately convey the emotions that he was experiencing.

Therefore, all he did was give his sister a warm grin and a bear embrace.

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