A woman goes on a trip with her family without her husband as he claims to be ill, then she decides to check their doorbell camera…

Kaylie Kristina was looking forward to the year 2021 so that she could spend more time with her loved ones, including her family and her friends. The vacation was open to her and her husband, her two children, as well as one of her closest friends and her kid.

On the other side, Kristina’s kid became unwell just before they were supposed to leave, which delayed their departure.

On the morning before they were scheduled to leave, Kristina’s husband expressed concern that he was also feeling kinda ill. According to the two, the father and son were going to remain inside the house.

She was completely oblivious to the fact that her partner had other plans in mind.

When the TikToker and her family had finally gotten settled into their new home, the TikToker’s husband surprised her with an unexpected phone call. According to what she stated, he informed her that the camera on their doorbell wasn’t functioning.

Kristina was under the impression that the issue was caused by the fact that her family had just switched internet service providers. Later on that day, she was taken aback when the software that she used to monitor her doorbell camera sent her a notice.

She uploaded the video on TikTok and captioned it with the following: “When your spouse is too unwell to go on the family vacation you planned.” It was said that the individual in question was her husband, and he was observed leaving the building while looking about the neighborhood.

After that, an unidentified lady made her way into the room, and the two of them had a quick kiss before she packed to leave the house. Kristina claims that the lady in question was a colleague of her husband at his place of employment.

After being pressed more, he ultimately admitted that he was interested in seeing the video recording.

After Kristina had returned home from the location where they had spent their vacation, she gave her husband five hours to pack up his possessions and get ready to go. She replied that the locks had been changed and that he was no longer a resident of the building.

Kristina conveyed her appreciation for the outpouring of affection that she has received from people from all around the globe.

She recognized that being a single mother was challenging, but she maintained that she was doing a good job raising her children despite the challenges.

The user on TikTok remarked that “becoming viral has been pretty much of a strange experience.”

When one considers the frequency with which dishonesty occurs, I’m not sure what in my film has sparked everyone’s interest. I want to express my gratitude to the overwhelming majority of people who have shown me support in various ways.”

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