A woman is taken aback when she is reunited with her twin children, whom she had put for adoption 18 years ago…

The decision to place one’s children for adoption is never an easy one to make, but life does not always work out the way one anticipates or hopes it would.

Kim Harris wanted nothing more than for her unconventionally big family to be happy, healthy, and well taken care of. This was her number one priority.

She had already been through a couple divorces and was responsible for the upbringing of eight children when she was forced to make a very difficult choice. Therefore, when her newborn twins Dakota and Danielle reached the age of eight months, she decided to put them for adoption.

The mother wished for a happy and healthy life for her children in any way she could. It hurt her heart to give them up, but she knew that placing them in an open adoption would ensure that they were raised by a family that would be able to care for them in a manner that she could never accomplish.

She first received frequent updates about Dakota and Danielle, but later those reports stopped coming, which was problematic since she relied greatly on them. At that point, Stephanie, who is one of Kim’s elder children, entered the room.

She looked for her brother and sister on Facebook and was finally successful in doing so, at which point she began communicating with them.

The next day, which was the day following the twins’ expected 18th birthday, Stephanie received word from her younger sister that they had a surprise, but they were unsure where to deliver it…

After one more journey, Kim’s home door rang, and a surprise was waiting for her just outside: Dakota and Danielle were standing right outside to see their biological mother again after 18 years of being apart.

It was without a doubt one of the happiest times in Kim’s whole life.

After this reunion, everyone in the family remained in contact with one another, and they did so right up until Kim’s last breath when she passed away from pancreatic cancer.

Even though Kim’s life was filled with sour moments right up to the very end, the moment she was reunited with her younger children was a time of perfect happiness and fulfillment.

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