According to Kate Hudson, certain modern romantic comedies have been “Dumbed Down…”

Kate Hudson is able to recognize a good romantic comedy when she sees one.

During her visit on the Hot Ones, actor, who is 43 years old, shared her opinion with presenter Sean Evans that a decent romantic comedy needs “n genuinely fantastic plot” to stand out from the crowd.

As Hudson held back tears brought on by the show’s sample of hot sauces, she responded to the question of what makes a good movie in the genre by saying, “I think sometimes people believe rom-coms are all about the meet-cute,” Hudson added.

“I think sometimes people think that. A good romantic comedy is about how two people encounter love for the first time, find love, fall in love, have their relationship break apart, and then figure out how to get back together, that plot line follows the classic format of a romantic comedy.”

“The ones that we adore are now starring in a romantic comedy with two Hollywood A-listers, they are lustrous and brilliant, and having one is like to having one’s dreams come true “She went on to say more.

“It is intended to make you feel warm and fuzzy, and those feelings are meant to remain with you forever, they are the ones with the longest history.” She went on to say that “just because they’re intended to feel brilliant doesn’t imply that they need to appear that bright” in her explanation.

She said, “I believe a lot of the time, and this is something I think I’ve mentioned before, that the genre gets sort of dumbed down because people assume they know.”

Hudson made a joke on the fact that she could instruct a class on romantic comedies: “When I’m 75 years old, I’m going to be [teaching] that particular subject at the NYU film school. I’m going to teach classes on romantic comedies.”

The actress is most recognized for her roles in romantic comedies such as How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003), My Best Friend’s Girl (2008), Fool’s Gold (2008), Bride Wars (2009), Something Borrowed (2011), Mother’s Day (2016), and many more.

Hudson reflected on her and McConaughey’s characters from the film How to Lose a Guy. During the course of the conversation, she said that she believes the pair would be “miserable” if they were together.

“If Matthew and I were still together at this point in time, I’ve often pondered how our respective personalities would have developed. It has been so long since it happened that making a movie about it is probably not the best idea at this point. In all likelihood, we would have tied the knot and started a family. It’s likely that none of us are happy right now!” Hudson stated.

Her forecasts for the characters did not consist entirely of pessimistic outcomes.

She continued by saying that Andie would have undoubtedly pursued her ambitions and been successful in her professional life following the events of the movie.

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