After the upset teen is pulled over for speeding, the police surprise him with a birthday cake while his family…

A police officer in Thailand chose to offer a young guy who had been pulled up for speeding a birthday cake instead of writing him a ticket. Not only has the boy’s heart been changed, but thousands more others online have been impacted as well.

A local police officer named Police Lance Corporal Kanokpan Puttapong made the decision to detain a young kid for speeding. However, just as he was about to write a ticket for the teen’s speeding infringement, the young man suddenly began crying.

Kanokpan was taken aback by the emotional outpouring shown by the adolescent, so he asked the youngster if he was okay, and the child proceeded to tell him what was bothering him.

It was apparently the birthday of the adolescent, but his family did not seem to care about celebrating his special day with him. As a result, the young man was extremely upset. Later on, the young man rushed out of his brother’s apartment, angry that he was being ignored by his own family.

After some time had passed, he got on his motorbike and rode about throughout the middle of the night in an attempt to repair his shattered heart.

Kanokpan then drove to the closest shop to purchase a piece of cake, since he was aware that receiving a unique present was preferable than receiving a speeding penalty. The kind officer went as far as lighting candles so that the little child may make a wish in front of them.

After some time had passed, the teen was released go with a warning.

After a tough day at home, the officer’s kind action undoubtedly brightened the young man’s day and put a smile on his face, despite the fact that it may have seemed like a little act on the officer’s part.

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