After their mother’s passing, three brothers each shed 100 pounds and started a company selling nutritious meals after their dad turned his back on them…

After Abraham Pea’s mother, Lourdes, passed away in 2015 after a heart attack, he and his two younger brothers, Rodolfo, 24, and Gustavo, 27, realized that their lives would never be the same again.

When their parents divorced eight years ago, the children made the difficult decision to remain under their mother’s care throughout the ordeal. Lourdes continued to be an incredible mom to her three children despite the fact that she was raising them all by herself.

However, there was one aspect of her life that she neglected, and that was her health. Both of the woman’s kidneys were failing in addition to her diabetes, and she was raising her son by herself.

Abraham, 35, said, “She was having health problems and going to dialysis, having kidney failures, and it got to the point where she had to be on a diet plan.”

Since he was often between jobs at the time, his mother gave him the responsibility of preparing nutritious meals for her. However, Abraham was unable to do it on his own, so his mother took him under her wing and taught him how to cook.

As he was working at a few burger establishments, Lourdes shared with him her culinary expertise and knowledge. Abraham gained a level and started learning about the food industry, marketing, and promotion, in addition to the ingredients that went into the cuisine.

He began reading food labels, educated himself on the concept of macronutrients, and investigated which foods would be most beneficial for her meals.

Because Lourdes’s doctors recommended that she reduce the amount of salt she consumed, Abraham began by attempting to make Lourdes more straightforward meals, such as turkey wraps with greens and brown rice.

As he continued to improve, he made the decision to begin his own meal-preparation company under the name “Abe’s Fitty Foods.”

Abraham, who weighed more than 300 pounds at the time, was also having trouble with his own health at the time. In order to demonstrate that he really does what he preaches, he started paying attention to his own health and began going to the gym.

Their household had its greatest challenges in the years 2015 and 2016, respectively. Abraham said that their mother passed away in 2015, after which their father had sold the family house and moved to Mexico with the proceeds.

The boys struggled to come to terms with the passing of their mother since they had no place to call home and no other relatives to lean on. During this period, he not only failed to keep track of his fitness objectives, but he also acquired fifty extra pounds.

In spite of the fact that they found the isolation to be intolerable, the three children recalled what their mother had always instructed them: to look out for themselves. Abraham remarked, “That truly opened my eyes, and it made me realize that I needed to get everything together.”

Because he was the eldest, it was his responsibility to provide for his brothers in all aspects, including financially, physically, and emotionally.

While the brothers were trying to find ways to make ends meet, they slept in their vehicle and on the couches of their friends. The couple got lucky when an anonymous donor heard their need and decided to assist them in getting back on their feet by providing them with $4,000 to use toward the purchase of a home.

From that point on, they began to make a gradual recovery from the despair brought on by their mother’s passing. Abraham, Gustavo, and Rodolfo then came to the conclusion that it was time for them to carry out the desires that their cherished mother had for their family.

The three individuals inspired and encouraged one another to lead better lives by engaging in physical activity and consuming nutritious meals.

After that, they began collaborating on the relaunch of Abe’s Fitty Foods for the third time at the beginning of 2017, and this time they were successful.

In 2016, the company was receiving 10 to 15 orders per week, but in 2018, that number has increased to over 500 per week! Abraham and Rodolfo are in charge of the cooking, while Gustavo is the one that travels all over the city delivering the meals to various places.

The boys are likewise dedicated to working toward their wellness objectives in a methodical manner. Since the beginning of the 2015 summer season, each of them has shed at least one hundred pounds!

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