Al Roker, host of the TODAY Show, recently devoted a post to his wife, and the internet immediately melted…This is why…

Deborah Roberts, who is married to Al Roker, had some very important news to deliver.

And as his wife, a news anchor, climbs the professional ladder and enters a new phase of parenting, this man’s pride in her and his unwavering support for her couldn’t be clearer. Al Roker, host of the Today Show, is claiming victory for his wife, who is a mother.

He wrote in a post, “I’m excited to share that Deborah Roberts will begin an expanded role as a contributing anchor for 20/20 in addition to her current position as senior national affairs correspondent for Nightline, Good Morning America, and World News Tonight with David Muir.”

The internet exploded into flames at that same moment.

As a woman journalist and a mother, Deborah will be picking up where Barbra Walters left off 45 years ago, and she will continue the light that she lit.

Over the course of many years, she gave her children and her family the utmost importance while also advancing her profession as a well-known and award-winning journalist. But alas, the time arrived when it was finally appropriate for the last fledgling bird to leave its nest and fly away.

Others are overcome with emotion because of the manner in which Al Roker has supported Deborah Roberts in her job as a wife while others are complimenting her on her new role.

It was his top priority to provide his wife with all she needed so that she could successfully juggle all of her responsibilities and flourish.

Previous to that, he had written when the delighted parents brought their youngest kid to college for the first time. You really have to admire how devoted he is to his family and how proud he is of his wife.

It is challenging to maintain a profession while still caring for one’s children, which makes the success even more pleasant, so congratulations!

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