Officer White’s GitUp Challenge makes you want to dance with him

Blanco Brown is seen below.

And his track, The Git Up, has gone viral across the internet in the United States of America. It’s a catchy country tune with all the hat-tippin’, heel diggin’, guitar twangin’ you need to have you hopping up and down.

But it’s not only this music that’s causing a stir on the internet…

…but by what the cops have been doing with it.

A new internet craze has seen cops all around the country promote their departments by choreographing a dance to Blanco Brown’s smash country song, shooting it, and putting it online. Many departments have participated in a variety of contexts and with varying levels of skill. Some, on the other hand, are extremely gifted.

Officer White, please take the stage.
Officer White dances alone, unlike some of the other police in the posted dance routines. He doesn’t need someone to dance with him; he’s got moves!

He performs some of the popular dances seen in Brown’s music video and other police interpretations of the track, such as the “Tippie Toes Out” and the “Deputy Dip.”

White does the entire dance in one take, so there are no mistakes!
If Officer White ever finds himself attempting to negotiate a criminal out of a hostage situation, and the assailant insists that he only let his victims free if he could defeat him in a dance-off, I think he’d have it.

Without a doubt, this is the rootin’est, tootin’est battle the internet has to offer. It’s difficult not to like the music. It’s a terrific mix of country and pop music that makes you want to dance!

Some of the reactions to this video are hilarious!
This person definitely recognizes the humor in this assignment and poses a question that many of us are wondering about.

That is an excellent point! I’d have the same questions if I were his boss.
Some comments (the majority of them) appear to follow a somewhat different subject. Rather than joking about what Officer White is up to while on duty, they tend to concentrate on how to slip into a pair of his cuffs.

So, what are your thoughts? Could you outperform Officer White or any of the other police departments you’ve seen? Whether you like country music or not, you can’t deny that this song has a groove that makes you want to… Git Up!

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