An 8-Year-Old Girl Learns Sign Language As She Wants to Speak with a Deaf Delivery Driver…

After striking up a remarkable connection with Tim Joseph, a delivery guy who is deaf, Tallullah McLellan is making headlines all around the globe. The year before, with the outbreak of the pandemic, Tallulah became acquainted with Tim.

Because of the lockdown, the McLellan household had to depend on having their groceries delivered rather than going shopping.

Therefore, when Tallullah answered the door one day to accept a delivery, she instantly found that Tim was deaf due to the fact that he couldn’t hear her. On the other hand, she was able to sign “Have a pleasant day” since she had been taught the sign in class.

This kind and thoughtful young lady wanted to have more interaction with Tim. Therefore, she became proficient in the phrases “Thank you, Good Morning.” And Tallullah is continuing to study more sign language because, as she puts it, the deaf delivery driver makes her happy, which in turn makes her want to learn more sign language.

As a result of the pandemic, Tim has evolved into an indispensable member of the medical staff upon whom the McLellans and others in their area are dependent. They are aware that he works long, difficult, and late hours, but they are also concerned that he is lonely due to the fact that only a small number of individuals can sign language.

Amy, Tullullah’s mother, filmed a portion of one of her daughter’s discussions with the delivery person who was deaf. After that, she put it online as  Amy couldn’t contain her joy at learning that her kid had such a kind spirit.

May we learn some lessons about compassion from our young children.

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