At 65, life is only getting started! How stylists transformed Grandma into a beautiful woman

The show’s heroine was a 65-year-old woman brought by her son so that stylists could make her look gorgeous, trendy, and young. He wanted his mother to grow into an intriguing woman, not a depressed granny dressed in clothing from thirty years ago. Tatiana has shed 40 kg and her weight has returned to normal, but she continues to wear her old and shapeless clothes, which irritates her relatives.

“Fashion Verdict” stylists eagerly began working with the woman. However, according to the parameters of the change, Tatiana and her son had to first pick up the images for themselves. The son preferred the first image, which had a white blazer, a vest top, and rolled-up pants. This option would look great on younger girls, but it looks absurd on Tatiana.

The second image is a fitted suit with a fashionable print, a white blouse and a bright yellow tie. This image was quite old-fashioned.

And the third is a dress of a delicate pink shade. In principle, this option was more suitable for the woman than the previous ones. The image was complemented with long beads.

Let’s have a peek at what the stylists came up with and executed. The first image shows a silk shirt with a lovely design and a cool pink suit.

The second image is ideal for traveling and long walks – a jacket, jeans and sneakers.

And the highlight of this look was a backpack, a neckerchief and designer glasses.

The third image is a more evening version, in which you can appear in the theater, at a concert or just go to a restaurant.

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