Ava Swiss, a singer, courageously overcame a school tragedy and is now moving AGT with her performance of “Remember…”

18-year-old On America’s Got Talent, Ava Swiss, a vocalist, brought the audience to tears. First, she broke down in tears as she recounted her experience of escaping the tragedy at Oxford High School. Then, she sang a stirring performance of “Remember” by Lauren Daigle, which was sung by her.

Ava is questioned about her name right as the video first starts off. She reveals that in order to simplify matters, she recently changed her surname to Swiss. The panelists adore her given name.

They inquire as to her age and place of origin, to which she responds that she is 18 years old and hails from Oxford, in the state of Michigan. Her mother stands on the side of the stage and shouts loudly for her daughter.

They want to know what she’s singing and why she’s singing it. Ava courageously reveals to her audience that the reason she is singing “Remember” by Lauren Daigle is because both she and her brother were involved in the tragedy at Oxford High School.

They inquired about how she is dealing with the situation. She said that she and her brother had vowed that they would never set foot in the school again, but they have been brave enough to attend classes there for the last two months.

The cheers come from the audience. Ava is really kind and has a way with words that is quite expressive.

At the beginning of the song, Ava Swiss gets ready to sing by taking a few calming breaths before beginning, as soon as she starts singing, Ava reveals that she has a very strong voice.

The judges are blown away by her ability to perform so well despite going through such a horrific incident. They expressed their appreciation for her genuineness.

They tell Ava Swiss that she has an amazing voice as a singer and that she is a remarkable person. What a callback that was!

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