Both the judges and the crowd were wowed by Darci’s tremendous skill

16-Year-Old Darci Lynne Farmer returns to the talent program as a guest performer.
Darci Lynne Farmer wowed the world on “America’s Got Talent” in 2017 with her remarkable voice and even more amazing magician skills. She won the competition series at the age of 12, impressing both the judges and the audience with her outstanding performances. Darci has shown off her amazing singing voice and even her rapping skills while using puppets to do ventriloquism.

Darci loved to sing since she was a youngster, but she was too shy to sing in front of an audience. Darci discovered the hobby of ventriloquy and began improving her skills. Terry Fator, another winner of “America’s Got Talent,” later inspired Darci, and she went on to win the competition with her own version of the art.

Darci has mastered the art of ventriloquism, which allows her to make her voice appear to come from somewhere else, such as her marionette. She used her puppets to show how versatile her voice was by making them speak in different dialects and accents.

Darci has returned to the “America’s Got Talent” stage as a guest artist to continue to impress the judges and audience with her incredible talent. On August 11, 2021, the 16-year-old returned to where she began her career and performed a fantastic performance with one of her longstanding puppet roles.

Darci returned to the stage of “America’s Got Ability” as a guest artist, showcasing her tremendous talent once more. The previous champion took the stage with her longtime puppet partner, Oscar the Mouse, and delivered yet another spectacular performance. Darci began the performance by communicating via Oscar without opening her mouth. He discussed how difficult it was for him to find love because he was with Samantha, a squirrel whose hyperactivity drove him insane.

Darci’s success has only grown since she won the competition season in 2017. The singer has been touring the United States on her My Lips Are Sealed (Except When They’re Not) tour, which will go through March 2022.

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