Erika Lemay Gets A Golden Buzzer With Stunning Swinging Aerial Silks On…

Erika Lemay, 38 years old and originally from Levis, Canada, also gave a performance in the final audition for the AGT: Extreme 2022 event.

As a result of her impressive performance, the judges awarded her with a Golden Buzzer, which sent her into the show’s quarterfinals.

At the last audition of a special performance of American talent, Erika Lemay impressed all of the show’s viewers and judges by showcasing her talents in the air while she was tied to a rope and doing a variety of acrobatics.

A Golden Buzzer was awarded to the brilliant Erika at the conclusion of the performance.

The Golden Buzzer was pushed by all three judges as well as the presenter of the program, and judging by the responses, the performance pleased a large number of internet users.

Check out Erika Lemay, who is 38 years old and from from Canada. She impressed the judges during the most recent audition for America’s Got Talent: Extreme 2022.

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