Everyone was under the impression that the bride was playing a joke on her father until…

People at the wedding reception thought the bride was playing a joke on her father when the music unexpectedly changed while the father and daughter were dancing. But then the her father came over to his daughter’s side, and the incredible outcome continued from there.

The video that has gone viral shows the bride to be looking absolutely stunning in her wedding dress as she dances with her father to The Temptations’s “My Girl.” When everything is going according to plan, all of a sudden, things take an unexpected and surprisingly dramatic turn.

The music abruptly shifts, and one of Usher’s best singles, “Yeah,” begins to play in place of the soulful sound of one of the biggest successes by The Temptations.

The new wife instantly joins in on the fun and starts dancing, leaving the groom’s father looking bewildered with his hands turned palms up. Is it possible that this bride is playing a joke on her father?

As the young lady dances, it seems as if she has just pulled a terrible joke on her cherished father, and many in the crowd applaud and others even laugh at her performance.

But there is no need to be concerned since dear old dad is going to be OK! It turned out that the bride was not playing a joke on her father after all.

After a few moments have passed, the father of the bride joins his daughter in a dance that has been arranged to the tune of a hit song by Usher.

The attendees at the wedding can’t believe what they are witnessing, so they begin to speak more loudly than before. They encourage the father and the daughter as they show off their moves on the dance floor to the crowd by clapping them along.

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