Find out where else, except for Earth, you’ll be able to settle in the future…

In the universe, there are a number of hypothetical planets where humanity may (or would) live, and a few of them are much more favorable than others in terms of climate and geography.

Venus has a lot of space under, close to, and on the surface, which makes it a very upstage planet: temperatures are quite similar to those seen on Earth at a distance of thirty miles above the surface: “at long last, Venus, with its typically neighboring higher surroundings, will assume an area in mankind’s future in space.”

The science speaks to the question to which we are prone to provide a hasty response: just in case there was life on Mars, is there a potential for mankind to have a very long and prosperous future away from Earth.

After taking everything into account, Mars is an unavoidable conclusion, as Mars, at long last, provides an opportunity for reestablishment and a fresh start.

When it comes to planets inside the planetary cluster that may be used as the ark for humanity, the options are limited: we have Mars on our hand and we’ve gotten a hold of Venus (kind of).

A few of the moons orbiting our gas giant neighbors are suspected of harboring buried treasure, specifically liquid oceans buried beneath layers of rock and ice. Europa, a satellite of Jupiter, is the most promising of them in terms of its potential for supporting life.

A thin layer of super-smooth solid water ice covers the surface of Europa, concealing a potentially vast liquid-water ocean underneath it, which is maintained from freezing by tidal heating. It also contains a thin atmosphere composed mostly of oxygen, which is regrettably much too thin for people to be able to breathe comfortably.

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