First prize goes to a couple’s hot swing dance to trendy music

West Coast Swing is one of the most popular “vintage” dances because it is so danceable—it can be performed to any type of modern music, including rap!

The dance is still popular today, with various dance schools across the country teaching it. Ben Morris and Torri Smith are two of the instructors who teach West Coast Swing.

They are a dance duo who dazzle everyone with their performances.

Ben and Torri’s immaculate performance left the crowd and critics dumbfounded as they competed in and won first place at the GPSDC Phoenix July 4th Event.

When the two emerge on stage, one can plainly hear the cheers of the audience behind them. When they take the stage, everyone applauds enthusiastically. It takes them a few moments to be ready, and then they are… unstoppable!

Their dance may be improvised, but their motions are really fluid.
Ben and Torri both appear to be highly sure of what they’re doing, leaving little room for doubt—they’re just excellent.

While they appear to be doing their dance effortlessly, one might imagine that they have spent hundreds of hours rehearsing and striving to polish their talents in order to reach this level.

The video has been seen over 400K times, and the comment area is flooded with praise for the duo’s performance.

“Now that’s art…men and women growing like one!” God’s amazing design,” someone said, while one aspiring dancer noted, “When I grow up, I want to be just like Ben”.
Yet, it appears that, while many appreciated the pair’s dance, others did not enjoy the music to which they chose to dance.

Some users were upset because this type of dancing was accompanied by current rhythms, which they felt were perhaps too modern.

Someone explicitly stated, “It’s disheartening to see a dance form I like watching being done to music I don’t like.”

However, some responded to the criticism by stating that music, like everything else, changes and that this should not disturb people. Others have recommended that if you don’t like this type of music, you may mute the video and just watch the dance.

In any event, it is reasonable that some individuals like dances that were created several decades ago to be performed to a specific type of music even today. On the other hand, it makes perfect sense for today’s popular dances to be able to be performed to the sounds of modern music. We assume that the dancers will choose the type of modern music to be played.

Do you enjoy Ben and Torri’s show? Because the judges did, and they received first place!

These may be found separately these days at dancing schools and numerous tournaments. Ben, in particular, operates California Swing Dancing and oversees Jack and Jill O’Rama, while Torri currently works as a dance instructor in France.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could dance like these guys? It takes time and work, but it is well worth it!

Enjoy their performance in the video that follows!

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