He Answered the Phone When the Bereaved Mother Called the Incorrect Number, and 20 Years Later, They Met Each Other…

Gladys Hankerson dialed the number of her sister in Maryland, who resides in the state of Maryland, on the telephone one day, many years ago. However, she dialed the incorrect number by mistake, resulting in a call to a 401 area code rather than a 410 area code.

Mike Moffitt, who is now 46 years old, was the one who got the call from Gladys. He informed the kind woman from Florida that she had dialed the incorrect number in a manner that was both courteous and professional. “I am very sorry, little one!” She cried before abruptly hanging up the phone.

But then, at some later point in time, Gladys Hankerson phoned Mike’s number in error once again. It occurred a few more times after that, and each time Gladys sincerely apologized for dialing the incorrect number.

Mike, who was in his mid-20s at the time, didn’t complain about it in the slightest, and in the end, he was successful in preventing Gladys from hanging up the phone in order to inquire about her identity and the location of her home.

Mike shared his reasoning, saying, “I was thinking, we may as well get to know one other. I inquired as to where she was from, and we immediately began a conversation.”

Gladys, who was 60 years old at the time, thought it was the nicest thing in the world that this young guy took time out of his day to talk to her. And in the end, she was the one to break the news to Mike about the challenges she was going through in her personal life.

You see, Gladys’ son, who was 30 years old, had just passed away, in addition to that, she was in the process of getting a divorce. And despite the fact that she had dialed the incorrect number, the help that she received from a complete stranger was just what she needed at that moment.

“At that moment, I was feeling down in the dumps, and he sensed my compassion and everything else and helped me,” she recounted. “He boosted me up.” Now, this kind-hearted lady was phoning just to have a conversation with her fresh new acquaintance.

“When you chat to her, you can be certain that the discussion will be enjoyable each and every time. It’s sort of like having a pen pal from the good old days.

And for Mike, the incorrect number led to the introduction of a second maternal figure in his life. Mike said that “she would check my weather nearly as much as my mother did.”

Over the course of time, the unusual buddies maintained their friendship.

As a result, when Mike and his family decided to take a vacation to Florida more than two decades after Gladys originally dialed the incorrect number, he already had a specific destination in mind!

It was a wonderful surprise for both of them when Mike Moffitt showed up to Gladys Hankerson’s home out of the blue!

“I didn’t inform her I was coming, and her daughter led the way for me as we entered the house. After I introduced myself and said, “I’m Mike from Rhode Island!”, the first thing that came out of her lips was “I’m blessed!!”

Mike is quick to point out that “There are wonderful individuals in this World who are only a phone call away with the incorrect number!”

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