Hugh Jackman, who is 54 years old, became a doting father when he was ‘blessed’ with two children, both of whom he had always hoped to adopt…

Hugh Jackman, who plays “The Wolverine,” is 54 years old and has always seen himself as an indecisive person.

However, after meeting fellow Australian actress Deborra-Lee Furness, he had an immediate realization that she was the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. The first time the two people worked together was in 1995 on the set of the Australian television program “Corelli.”

Furness claims that at the time she was not seeking for anything serious in a relationship. She had just completed her preparations for the New Year and vowed not to date any actors or anybody younger than 30.

On the other hand, Jackman had no doubt from the beginning that she was the one for him. Eventually, the two began dating, but almost immediately, there were conflicts between them.

Jackman claims that early on in their relationship, Furness considered ending their connection with him, but he was able to dissuade her from doing so.

They went on dates for a total of 11 months before being married in April of 1996. Even though Jackman and his wife had always intended to have biological children as their first priority, they were both highly committed to the idea of eventually becoming parents via adoption.

Because of the age difference between Jackman and Furness, who was 40 when they were married and 13 years older, the couple decided to start trying for children as soon as they were able to settle into married life.

Regrettably, it was not occurring as quickly as they had anticipated it would. The Australian couple endured a lot of hardship for a number of years before they finally made the decision to adopt their children.

Jackman said that he and his wife had always had the expectation that they would become adoptive parents one day; however, they were unaware of how or when the adoption process would start.

However, when their attempts to conceive naturally were unsuccessful, they decided that the time was right to adopt their first child and began the adoption process.

The couple first adopted their son Oscar Maximillian via an open adoption, which meant that they were already familiar with the child’s biological family and maintained contact with them.

“As soon as Oscar was brought into the world, all of the suffering ended. There is no way to become ready for that moment. You will not be ready for anything.”

He had a hard time adequately describing the avalanche of feelings that occurred with the arrival of a new baby, but he did say that the event had removed all of his frustrations and fury, leaving him with a sensation of being alive.

Jackman allegedly made a promise to Oscar’s birth mother, Amber Sanders, that he would keep her informed on the boy’s life when he and his wife adopted Oscar in the year 2000.

However, in 2004, Jackman was the subject of criticism in the media when Sanders said that she had not gotten a picture of Oscar and that she had no method of contacting Jackman and Furness.

She was dissatisfied with the fact that the only time she saw photographs of her son was when he was posing with his new family in magazines.

Her son, who had just graduated from high school, is an aspiring artist, and Furness gushed about how much he admires the renowned Salvador Dal. Jackman is also quite proud of his kid, and the two of them have a special connection to one another.

Years after the birth of their first child, Jackman and the actress from “Angel Baby” adopted their second child, a daughter named Ava Elliot, so completing their stunning family.

As was the case with her elder brother, Ava offered her adoptive parents an indescribable amount of pleasure.

“The love that you have for your children carries a lot of weight. It is distinct from the love you have for your companion. You can’t believe you have that capability; you’d do anything for them without giving it a second thought.”

Despite the fact that they have a lot going on, Jackman and Furness are committed to being involved parents to their children.

The actor also said that after his children reached their teenage years, the nature of his interaction with them altered significantly. “Instead of saying, ‘Hey, these are the rules, we don’t do that,’ we now have to offer them reasons why.”

Jackman is aware that he and his family have a rich and advantaged existence, and he educates his children to utilize those privileges and advantages to assist others who are less fortunate.

He states that he makes it a point to model appropriate conduct for Oscar and Ava and to provide an example for them to follow when it comes to their obligations toward others.

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