Meet the gorgeous children of two sets of identical twin sisters who married sets of identical twin boys and are now…

The majority of life’s important moments for Briana and Brittany have been shared with one another. And what about their most recent double event? Babies!

The sisters, who are both 35 years old, announced their pregnancy on Instagram a year ago, and they are now revealing their children to the rest of the world.

According to what Briana shared, “you’ve heard the phrase Irish twins as well as the terms identical twins and fraternal twins, h owever, we are expecting quaternary twins.”

The term “quaternary twins” refers to the situation in which two children are born with a gap of fewer than nine months between their births to identical twin dads and identical twin moms.

Jett, who is the child of Brittany and Josh, became one in the month of January, while Briana and Jeremy are the parents of Jax, who will become one in the month of April.

Because their parents are identical twins, the children are legally cousins; but, due to the fact that they are quaternary twins, they are more closely related genetically to brothers and sisters.

There are just 300 known cases of quaternary marriage over the whole of human history.

Brittany and Briana said that the moment they met their husbands seemed like the guys “just came out of our twin fantasies” when they first encountered each other during the Twins Days Festival in 2017.

Six months later, they had a double proposal in a park in the area that is named Twin Lakes. In the end, the two sweethearts tied the knot in a shared ceremony that took place at the 2018 Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio.

The families co-manage a wedding venue location in Virginia, where they also live together under one roof.

The Salyers get unpleasant comments from individuals just like everyone else who discusses their experience online, but they have learnt to brush them off and go on with their lives.

“There are some individuals who find us to be incredibly peculiar, while others find it to be absolutely incredible.

We are really appreciative of the amount of support and interest that has been shown in what we are doing.”

These infants are going to be raised in a very loving environment, that is for sure.

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