Iam Tongi’s touching tribute to his late father moved all three judges to tears during his audition…

Iam Tongi tells the judges on American Idol the heartbreaking story of how he dealt with the passing of his dad.

After that, he delivers a stirring performance of “Monsters,” which reduces all three of the judges to tears with its emotional intensity.

Iam Tongi, a high school student from Hawaii who was 18 years old, had suffered the loss of his father, Rodney, a few short months ago. As soon as he begins talking about him with the judges, he starts to become quite emotional.

“Take your time, take your time. It’s alright, dude, “said Lionel Richie. “As you well know, the depth of your feelings are directly proportional to the depth of your love.”

Iam wipes away his emotions and announces to the judges that he is going to be performing “Monsters” by James Blunt and that he is going to dedicate it to his father. He then proceeds to sing the song.

His performance will move you to tears with his really wonderful voice, and you will find yourself wiping them away throughout it. None of the judges were able to make it through the ordeal without breaking down in tears.

Katy Perry expressed her admiration for the track by saying, “I mean, what a beautiful song to chose.”

She says, “I had the impression that you were the one to write this song. I mean, you sung it, you delivered it, and now you’re making adult men weep with your performance. You have struck a raw nerve.

And this is exactly what distinguished storytellers do. Doing such things is what distinguishes great artists, and your voice is really amazing.”

Luke Bryan expressed his inability to cope with his friend’s “heartbreaking” news regarding his father, “you should know that after the passing of his father, my nephew came to live with me. And simply watching you missing your dad just stinks.

Oh my lord, that’s one hell of a voice you’ve got there. You’ve got a beautiful voice! You have exceeded my expectations in every way, and I adore you. And all I really want is for you to have a good time with this endeavor, dude.”

After the conclusion of the judges’ conversation with Iam Tongi, they let him know that they look forward to catching up with him in Hollywood.

“My father was the primary inspiration for me to pursue a career in music.

We became closer as a result of this shared experience. But things have been challenging ever since he passed away, “Iam declares at the conclusion of his performance when he is in possession of his golden ticket, “Rodney is the recipient of this one. Absolutely, for my dad.”

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