If 22-year-old Cole Hallman performing alongside his sister during his audition for American Idol doesn’t make you feel all the “feels,” nothing else will!

Before Cole Hallman’s audition, we are introduced to him, his mother, Nicolle, and his sister, Katie. Cole is 22 years old. Cole is a recent college grad and he was born and raised in the state of New Jersey.

He acknowledges the fourth-grade class in which he has just finished his student teaching and offers them a shout-out. A shout-out should be given to Cole since he decided to pursue a career in teaching; primary schools need more guys to work in the sector.

They end up meeting Ryan Seacrest, and during their conversation, Cole reveals that Miss Katie is not only his greatest admirer, but also his harshest critic. Katie, who has a chromosomal defect and endures developmental delays and behavioral challenges, is all smiles next to her brother.

Cole admits that he is worried and that he is feeling a bit uncertain about himself.

Since he didn’t start playing the guitar seriously until around five years ago, he acknowledges that he got off to a late start in his musical ambitions. And he ponders whether or not he can hold his own against some of the other contestants who seem to have more experience and confidence.

Katie enjoys singing with Cole, so in order to calm him down, the two of them perform a song together.

The Rolling Stones’ rendition of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” is their favorite song of all time, after that, he goes to present himself in front of the judges. The chat between Katie Perry and Cole Hallman is started off by Katie.

However, it is Lionel Richie who reassures Cole that he isn’t the only one who struggles with thoughts of inadequacy. They have all, according to the former Commodore, suffered from the horrible impostor syndrome at one point or another.

Despite the fact that Luke Bryan is difficult to read throughout the performance due to the fact that he is seeming to be very serious, he is the first to speak and inform Cole that he has a “genuine voice.”

Cole’s performance is deemed “raw” and “passionate” by Katie, and at this point, all three judges are prepared to make a judgment.

However, before they do that, they invite Cole’s family in to be a part of the event and celebrate with them.

Katie envelops her sibling in a bear embrace while their mother reassures him that not only were they able to hear him but that he sounded wonderful. However, the moment that will make her the most proud is still to come.

Cole Hallman and his sister perform their favorite duet when Judge Katie asks them to sing for her and the other judges.

As mom watches from the sidelines, we can all understand the overwhelming feelings of happiness and pride that she must be experiencing as she sees her very gifted son display such a kind, selfless, and modest character.

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