“I’ll publish a book ‘Dedicated to Brooks, people thought I saved your life that night in November, but in actuality you saved mine,'” says uncle Grant, who was the only one who could save 1year old nephew…

Parents are willing to do a lot of effort in order to guarantee the well-being and safety of their children.

Imagine Matt and Andrea Campbell’s disbelief when they found out that Matt was ineligible to donate an organ to their son Brooks, who was just one year old and already in immediate need of one but didn’t have much time left

Grant, the younger brother of Andrea, courageously offered to be an organ donor for his nephew, so preserving the lives of both of them. The vivacious Brooks is now 2 years old and full of life.

Matt and Andrea discussed the motivational and selfless act that Grant performed for them, as well as their one-of-a-kind story.

Andrea summed up the sensation she had by saying, “It felt like a ton of bricks, like, ust where did this originate from in the first place?”

Because a liver transplant was the only option for Brooks’s life, a separate group of medical professionals at the Cleveland Clinic worked diligently to initiate a streamlined living organ donor assessment for acute liver failure as soon as possible.

The search for a compatible donor inside the immediate family was initiated and due to the fact that Andrea was expecting at the time, she was removed from consideration.

Matt, the father, had the expectation that he would be the best choice, however, after hours of testing, it was determined that he, along with everyone on his mother’s side of the family, had a hereditary blood clotting condition and so, were removed from consideration.

The father said that it was tough to take in what he had heard.

When Andrea’s parents found out that they were both disqualified, Andrea’s brother Grant, who had come all the way from Texas to be there, came in.

It was determined that Grant was the best candidate after he was put through his paces. After getting the fantastic news, he immediately called his sister’s number and informed her of his intentions to give his organs, saying “LET’S GO, BABY!!!”

In remembrance of that momentous day in their life, Andrea continues to sport a bracelet with the inscription “LET’S GO, BABY!!!”

Grant arrived to his choice in the midst of a challenging time in his life. His recent relocation to Texas, during which he was forced to be apart from his family, the breakup of a romance, and the failure of a new company all added to his feeling of hopelessness.

A teary-eyed Grant said the following: “I just felt useless as a guy and alone, unloved because I wasn’t talking to anybody about it.  I started having bad thoughts, even entertained the idea of passing.

And I’m so thankful that I didn’t because 10 months later, little Brooks needed me.  And I’m not sure he would have made it if I hadn’t been there,” Grant said.

“Throughout the course of my life, I’ve encountered a great deal of challenge, however, I had, for the first time, a continuous feeling of purpose throughout the process.

That is something that I will be thankful for till the end of time.”  Grant added.

Andrea also added, “Once we came home, he just bloomed into this new little kid.

From this point on, there will always be a special connection between him and Brooke as he bestowed upon us the gift of life, and I’m not sure how one could ever repay another for something like that.”

“I like to joke that one day I’ll publish a book and say in the dedication, ‘Dedicated to Brooks, people thought I saved your life that night in November, but in actuality you saved mine,'” says Grant.

Because of Brooks, his life gained a sense of direction and became more significant than it had been before.

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