In an audition for “The Voice,” Elvis Presley’s Grandson stuns the judges with his rendition of “Love Me Tender…”

A young guy by the name of Dakota Striplin starts to sing and play guitar with a voice that is reminiscent of an angel at the beginning of this video. A judge will almost always quickly spin around in her chair and place her palm on her chest upon making a decision.

Suddenly, a second judge stands up and exclaims, “I need to see what’s going on here,” while simultaneously turning her chair around. At the conclusion of his performance, one of the judges expresses how happy she is that this young guy is participating.

The judges were taken aback when they realized that he was not only singing but also playing at the same time.

They inquire as to the reasons for his selection of that artist and song. In response, Dakota said that Elvis Presley was an influence on him. It is a running joke that he may be his grandfather since his grandma used to like attending to the theater quite a bit in the past. When they realize the similarity, the judges can’t help but chuckle at each other.

As Dakota starts to tell his narrative, he mentions that his father does not bring up the incident very much in conversation. However, his grandmother would often go to Hawaii to assist Elvis Presley during his performances there.

When Elvis went away, his grandma appeared to experience her grief in a deeper and more profound manner than before. A DNA analysis performed a few years ago provided conclusive evidence that his grandpa is not in fact his biological grandfather. Therefore, the hypothesis is that Dakota Striplin is, in fact, Elvis’s grandchild.

Following the conclusion of the narrative, two of the judges express their want to become his mentor. In the end, he chooses the judge that sided with him earliest after changing their minds.

The video continues with one more footage of Dakota singing, this time in a competition setting.

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