In the last round of a talent event, a young violin prodigy performs Max Richter’s electrifying arrangement of Vivaldi’s “Summer…”

In the month of December, the nine-year-old violinist Sora Lavorgna competed in the finals of the French television talent show Prodiges, which was evaluated by the cello virtuoso Gautier Capucon, along with a famous opera singer and dancer.

The young French Japanese violinist played contemporary classical composer Max Richter’s recomposition and reinterpretation of the talent show favorite “Summer” from Vivaldi’s collection of Baroque concertos The Four Seasons for her final performance.

Because of its complex ostinato and soaring solo violin lines, “Summer 1” is well suited to serve as the showcase at the conclusion of any high-stakes tournament. For a performer of her age, Sora delivered a phenomenal performance, showcasing amazing musicianship in addition to a lovely vibrato and tone in her playing.

During the competition, during which she also played the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto, Capucon said to her, “You amazed us, you show remarkable focus and commitment for your nine years.”

The concert Prodiges has 15 young virtuosos, ranging in age from nine to sixteen, all of whose performances are supported by the Divertimento ensemble, which is led by Zahia Ziouani as the conductor.

The panel of judges is comprised of three prominent people in the world of music: singer Julie Fuchs, prima ballerina and choreographer Marie-Claude Pietragalla, and Capucon.

Sora, who was the youngest competitor in the whole competition since she was only nine years old, started learning how to play the violin at the Cannes Conservatory when she was four years old.

During the course of the program, she divulged that she devotes two hours every day to the practice of playing the violin, and that before to appearing on Prodiges, she had triumphed in the Arthur Grumiaux International Violin Competition held in Belgium.

Not only has Prodiges brought classical music to the forefront of one of the most prominent French television channels, but it has also led to the discovery of several rising artists and the signing of big recording contracts.

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