Incredible couple Married for 72 Years disclosed the secret of happy and lovely marriage…

Recently, one picture of Kenneth Babin and his wife Faye, who have been married for seventy-two years, has gained widespread attention on the internet.

Their granddaughter, Jalee, began posting videos of the two of them together on TikTok, and their innocent love won the affection of people from all over the globe.

And Faye, who is 93 years old, and Kenneth, who is 95 years old, spoke a bit about their love and revealed what they believe to be the key to a good marriage.

As Faye said, “He was attractive, and he sang and played the guitar, so when you put all of that together, it was extremely romantic.”

“Whenever I was in a terrible mood or feeling down, I would turn to him and beg, “could you give me a hug?, could you just give me a kiss?’ And he complied!” It made her giggle.

The pair also emphasizes the need of having honest conversations and never allowing issues to linger for too long and remarked  that they “always talked it out.”

In addition to having similar passions and interests, laughter and companionship were essential components of their relationship. “We liked to laugh,” recalled Faye. “We did it often and also played dominoes and had a regular poker session.

Other games included playing cards. The idea of getting a divorce never ever crossed my mind.”

And Kenneth spoke on how loyalty has always been one of the most important factors in the success of their marriage.

“We never once brought up the idea of parting ways with one another; in fact, it was always the other way around. Keeping a close relationship”, he added.

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