“It means so much to them, and it will mean so much more to you,” pictures of bride’s 4 grandmothers serving as flower girls have gone viral…

Because Lyndsey Raby wanted her wedding to Tanner Raby in September to be an event that would be remarkable and remembered for years to come, she chose to have her four grandparents play the position of flower girl.

Flower girls included the bride’s great-grandmother, Kathleen Brown, who was 90 years old; the groom’s grandmother, Joyce Raby, who was 70 years old; the bride’s grandmother, Wanda Grant, who was 76 years old; and the bride’s grandmother, Betty Brown, who was 72 years old.

“Having them all here made me feel so privileged, and as a result, I wanted them to participate as well,” she said.

Both Lindsay and Tanner’s grandparents looked very lovely in their wedding clothes, which consisted of grayish-blue skirts and coats that matched. Each of the four ladies carried a tiny basket that was covered in white fabric and had the words “Here Comes the Bride” written in beautiful handwriting on it.

Photographer Natalie Caho took pictures of the ladies, and the candid shots turned out to be the most interesting ones since they revealed how really thrilled the women were to be performing the flower girl role in the wedding.

Every one of them carried themselves with poise and confidence as they made their way down the aisle.

On her photography page on Facebook, Natalie posted a few of the pictures that were taken from the wedding photo book that showed Lyndsey standing with her four grandparents.

She captioned the photo of the four women with the following: “I’ve seen a lot of lovely flower girls in my day…. but these four beauties take the cake.”

The post quickly gained widespread attention, and the photographer had nothing but kind words to say about the four models.

Lyndsey has high hopes that now that her story has gone viral, it will encourage other couples who are planning to be married in the near future to include their parents and grandparents in their big day.

“It means so much to them, and it will mean so much more to you.”

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