This police officer should’ve wrote a ticket to this woman, but just see what he did instead…

Having a number of children brings with it a variety of challenges, the most prevalent of which is a pressure placed on one’s financial situation. Andrella Jackson was experiencing one of those days in which she was having difficulty making ends meet.

When she looked in her rearview mirror one day when she was traveling with her children in the backseat, she saw that there were flashing lights. She had no doubt in her mind that this could only mean one thing: that she would be issued a substantial penalty for her infraction.

In the event that this were to occur, Andrella would be at a loss as to how she might come up with the funds necessary to pay for it. D espite the fact that she was aware of the need of car seats, she was unable to purchase them even if her children did require them.

Andrella’s vehicle did not have any child safety seats for her two young girls, which the police officer Kevin Zimmerman, who is himself a father, observed immediately after pulling her over.

When the officer inquired about Andrella’s circumstances, she provided an explanation.

“With bills coming up and winter coming up, I need to acquire jackets, boots, and shoes for my kids, as a result, it was challenging for me.”

It did not seem that things would go well for her. She had no idea, however, that the officer had other things in mind, one of which did not entail giving her a ticket for her infraction.

Instead, the police officer went to Walmart and bought two brand new car seats, which he then brought with him when he visited her residence. Andrella was taken aback by the unexpected politeness shown by the police officer.

Not only did Zimmerman spend his own money to purchase the two car seats, but he also remained to put them in the vehicle. The officer, who has been with the Milwaukee Police Department for twelve years, also came by their station to pick up some children’s books and stickers for the two little girls.

She expressed her amazement by saying, “I was so surprised that I felt tears flowing down my face.”

Andrella posted about the amazing act of charity that the officer had performed on Facebook.

She stated that her daughters “couldn’t stop thanking him and it made them smile….shout out to Officer Zimmerman in District 5.”

“I am a parent of three kids and can’t picture anything happening to them or not being able to have them fastened in their car seats,” the officer noted. “I can’t see anything happening to them or not being able to have them secured in their car seats.”

Naturally, the MPD also took advantage of the opportunity to acknowledge the helpful officer for his efforts, and they expressed their gratitude to him “for going the additional mile and going above and beyond your call of duty.”

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