It was a rare moment when singer TobyMac took a moment during a concert to talk about the loss of his son Truett…

During one of his concerts, musician and songwriter TobyMac paused for a minute to reflect on the loss of his eldest son, Truett McKeehan.

And his remarks, combined with the faith that this guy has showed while going through what must be the greatest nightmare for any parent, are absolutely inspirational! On October 23, 2019, Toby “TobyMac” McKeehan was bereaved of the loss of his eldest son, Truett Foster McKeehan.

The loss came as a total surprise, and the authorities eventually determined that the cause was substance misuse. TobyMac and his family were completely blindsided by the sudden demise of the kid.

And despite the passage of time since that terrible day, the musician freely acknowledges that he has been “walking through a valley.”

“And I know that some of you guys are going through your own troughs right now, we all go through difficult times in our lives, whether it is clinical depression, the loss of a loved one, the struggle against an illness, or difficulties in one’s finances or relationships.

A friend told me right after my son passed away, he said, ‘Listen, sometimes when you’ve got nothing, and you feel it’s as dark as it has ever been, you just have to reach up and grab on to a promise of God and pull it down close to your heart,'” the Christian singer said. ”

TobyMac continues by explaining that life did not guarantee that we would never face loss or pain.

Toby continued by expressing his gratitude to all of his followers for continuing to support him and his family.

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