“I’ve Never Been in Love Like This.” How Adele Was Able to Get Through Her Separation and Reopen Herself to Love After the Breakup of Her Marriage…

Adele has won a total of 15 Grammy Awards, the Oscar for Best Song, and holds the record for the most Billboard Music Awards she has won in a single night with a record-setting 12 victories.

The year 2009 marked the beginning of the singer from the United Kingdom’s meteoric rise to fame. Adele has said in the past that the emotional turmoil she experienced as a result of the end of a love relationship helped her to hone her musical abilities.

Adele rose to prominence almost overnight, becoming one of the most successful and well-paid young artists in the industry. As the media endeavored to document every aspect of her life, she was asked to a great deal of social and red carpet events, despite the fact that she did not really love attending them.

Who could have anticipated that she would meet her future husband, the British philanthropist Simon Konecki, at one of these events?

After initially avoiding talking about her private life, Adele later revealed that her connection with Simon was the deepest and most committed she had ever experienced in a romantic relationship.

The relationship between Simon and Adele moved forward at a rapid pace, and, after the birth of their son Angelo in 2012, they penned the words “We’re all over the moon” in a letter.

Later, she thanked her friends and family for their support while also speaking about being a mother and the difficulties that come along with it.

She went on to say that she had through a lot of pain as a result of becoming a mother and that she still found it difficult to cope with the responsibilities of being a mother. It is an extremely difficult task.

The singer shared with her followers on Instagram in April 2019 that she was starting a new chapter in her life and “Learning to REALLY really love yourself.” During the same year, her fans found out that she had divorced her husband.

As the reason for their divorce, Adele said that she left her husband because she wanted to pursue her own happiness, which she did not discover in their marriage. Due to the fact that their problems caused their son Angelo to be extremely unhappy, the process of getting a divorce also had an adverse effect on her mental health.

Adele’s emotional wounds required her to seek professional help, and it was during this period that she was able to work through the horrible experiences she had had as a youngster.

After attending therapy, the singer realized that all of the relationships she had previously been into were unhealthy and prevented her from ever genuinely finding happiness.

Adele went to therapy in order to learn how to accept herself and to open her heart more. In September of 2021, the popular singer divulged to her audience that she was involved in a romantic relationship with the witty, charming, and humorous sports agent Rich Paul.

Adele said in the famous interview that she had with Oprah Winfrey that it was the first time in her life that she had learnt to totally love herself as well as be ready to love and be loved by another person.

The singer claims that she has never been in love to this extent before, and she makes no attempt to disguise her joy or her feelings.

They spend a significant amount of time together, participating in a variety of sports activities and making preparations for the future.

A recent interview revealed that the famous person is open to the idea of expanding her family by having additional children.

It is significant to point out that Rich Paul shares her views on the possibility of having children once again.

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