Jay Rollins and Tobitha Stewart’s dance set the floor on fire with their classic moves at the USA Grand National Dance Championship

New dance styles are continually evolving with the passage of time. And now that we’ve reached the start of a new decade, who knows what’s in store for us?

However, just because there are new trends does not imply that existing styles must go away.

Jay Rollins and Tobitha Stewart are both very good at Carolina Shag dancing. They lit up the floor at the USA Grand National Dance Championship with their traditional moves.

Prepare to feel as though you’ve been transported back in time. Jay and Tobitha are skilled Shag dancers who are a sight to behold!
When the music starts, the partners immediately begin their dazzling footwork in front of the judges and audience. They flow as smoothly as silk, and at times they appear lighter than air.

Catherine, a viewer, commented:

“OMG, his legs are made of rubber.” “This is all new to me; this is the first time I’ve heard of a SHAG dance, let alone seen it performed so brilliantly.”

The Shag is noted for having originated decades ago on South Carolina’s beaches, gaining popularity among the younger generation in the 1940s.
The Carolina Shag has been described as a “cool beer on a warm night with a hot date and no plans for tomorrow” by Southern Living.

It’s a lively dance that’s still popular in the South and can be seen at dance contests around the country. According to the Discover South Carolina website:

“One of the reasons the swag is such a popular dance is that anyone can perform it, whether you’re six or 96.” “It bridges divides and brings people together for one common goal: to have fun and enjoy the music.”

During their routine at the dance championship, Jay Rollins and Tobitha Stewart had all eyes on them. It’s no wonder that they’ve both achieved a lot in the field of dance throughout the years.
Tobitha was inducted into the National Living Legends of Dance (together with her husband Ashley) in 2015, and Jay was admitted into the same award in 2018. They both teach shack dance in the state of North Carolina.

By observing their abilities on the dance floor, it’s clear how enthusiastic the couple is about dancing.
They glide gracefully together, gliding and whirling with wide smiles on their cheeks. Buddy Skipper and The Code Blues Band’s “Boogie The Joint” is playing in the background.

Not only did the couples win the Master Shag Championships that day, but their performance has been seen over 968,000 times on YouTube!
Ann, a fellow dancer, shared:

“My husband and I used to country dance, and the shag is comparable to East and West Coast swing.” We also took part in dancing contests. These dancers are really graceful. When dancing with a partner, you must be in rhythm. They had been. “I saw their feet, and they are quite nice.”

Peggy wrote after seeing the video:

“What a joy to see; thank you for sharing and demonstrating how it’s done.”

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