John Legend and his wife of 13 years, Chrissy Teigen, welcome their third baby. He reveals name and first photo

While John Legend has long been the music industry’s baby-faced heartthrob, his wife, model Chrissy Teigen, has frequently come under fire for her eccentric beliefs and often-brash statements.

However, the pair have had their fair share of heartbreak due to many miscarriages over their 13-year marriage. The most recent was a well-publicized experience about which fans have strong feelings.

While Teigen has struggled to bring pregnancies to term, she has given birth to two children, Miles and Luna Stephens. The renowned family is rejoicing again with the birth of their third child.

On Friday, January 13, the Stephens family welcomed their third child. Legend told the audience during a show that he had given birth that morning. Fans began tweeting about it almost instantly.

Legend claimed he hadn’t gotten much sleep but was pleased and motivated by the new baby’s birth, referring to it as a “wonderful day.” The birth of their kid comes after the devastating loss of their son, Jack, in October 2020.

Teigen took to social media after Legend announced his baby’s birth in concert to share the happy news with the rest of the world. She shared a snapshot of Miles and Luna cradling their baby sister as Luna drew her belly.


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Teigen announced the baby’s name, Esti Maxine Stephens, in the post. She expressed how everyone felt about the baby’s arrival, saying:

“The house is a hive of activity, and our family is overjoyed.” “Seeing Luna and Miles so full of love makes Daddy cry every night.

She closed the comment by adding, “We are in happiness,” and then thanked followers for their love and well wishes. She stated that they were feeling positive energy from all across the world.


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Legend posted the same photo as his wife and stated that their home was overjoyed with the arrival of their new kid. He said it made him happy to witness Luna and Miles connect with their baby sister, but “grateful” isn’t a large enough word to explain his sentiments.

Teigen has previously spoken openly about her fertility issues and miscarriages. However, she suffered a big loss to the family two years ago, in October.

The former model was candid about her high-risk pregnancy with Jack, revealing that she was on bed rest. She then revealed that she was bleeding severely and that Jack wasn’t getting enough water.

Teigen was transported to the hospital, where fluid infusions were attempted to keep the baby alive. Unfortunately, none of these methods worked, and she lost her child. In an emotional Instagram post, she revealed the news.

Teigen said in the article that the family did not settle on a name for the baby until the very last second before leaving the hospital. Despite this, they started naming the child Jack during her pregnancy and declared that he would always go by that name.

Teigen later received a lovely cursive tattoo of Jack’s name on her inner wrist. Legend received a similar tattoo. Winter Stone Tattoo posted a snapshot of the tattoo on their Instagram page shortly after Teigen and Legend lost their son.

Since then, the couple has done a lot to honor Jack. One of these items was a cookie recipe from Teigen’s cookbook, “Cravings: All Together: Recipes to Love.” In the center of the page, the words “For Jack” are printed.

Teigen and Legend’s home also has a big tree growing within it, which they have called “The Tree of Life.” They planted it in memory of their son, who died when his mother was 20 weeks pregnant. They say it gives their house life.

Legend has also dedicated his 2022 album “LEGEND” to his late son. He confessed that some of the songs were about his sadness and overcoming his son’s loss.

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