Just a few hours before the birth of their child, a husband in the military planned a surprise for his wife…

A captain in the United States Army who had been in the service for 17 years, Harold Rahming now had a surprise for his wife, Cara, who was about to give birth to the couple’s first child.

The dramatic event took occurred at the Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Illinois, which is a suburb of Chicago in the United States.

It was possible to see the spouse of the service member waiting in a secluded area of the birth room with a toy in his hand for his wife, Cara.

She let out a startled gasp as she came face to face with her husband, and the two of them immediately fell into a deep passionate hug while quietly crying.

“I had moved away to use the toilet, and when I came back, there was like all these people with cameras, and I was like, why are you recording?” Cara describes the tense situation in her retelling.

Harold, who had been stationed in Iraq and was not meant to return home for at least another month, surprised her by appearing in front of her when she least expected it.

A few hours later, the newborn was welcomed into the world, and his parents named him Harold Leroy Rahming the Second.

“No words can explain the feeling that you have when you see your wife and your child for the first time,” said the proud father of the baby boy who had returned home from Iraq just in time for the birth of his son.

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