Macaulay Culkin is no longer Home Alone

Macaulay Culkin, the star of the popular “Home Alone” films, has been a celebrity since he was a child. Everyone appeared to know his name and recognize his face from when he was younger. But Macaulay was only interested in one girl at a time.

When he was 14, the child star met Rachel Miner. They were both students at the Professional Children’s School in New York at the time. Rachel didn’t warm up to the actor right away. Having said that, despite a rocky start, the two quickly regained their footing.

Macaulay and Rachel shared a vast circle of friends. The actor added that everyone in the group had a counterpart at the time, and Rachel was his. The kid celebrity recalled how she used to be his girl.

But, as the rocky start should have indicated, their relationship had its ups and downs. Rachel had three breakups with her celebrity lover during their relationship. Macaulay recalled when he finally convinced her to marry him:

“She’d already broken up with me three times, so the final time we went out, I told her, ‘Marry me immediately before you dump me again.'”

Rachel said yes, and the two married on June 21, 1998, in a modest, unobtrusive ceremony at a stone chapel in Connecticut. There were only 60 people on the guest list, and none of them had received printed invitations. Instead, the pair concocted a deceptive treasure hunt to mislead the media.

Macauly and Rachel had a happy family life. They were likewise preoccupied with their family. They would aid Macaulay’s younger siblings, Kieran, Quinn, Christian, and Rory, whenever they could at Macaulay’s mother’s house.

Even though the actor has been worried lately, he hasn’t been back in the public eye.

The pair was also well-known, and they appeared in a Sonic Youth music video. Aside from that, they spent a lot of time at their apartment, watching movies and taking care of the countless stray cats that Macaulay seemed to attract.

Unfortunately, the couple’s newfound happiness was short-lived. Just as they were about to spend their first Christmas together, disaster struck in the shape of a raging electrical fire at Macauly’s mother’s home, Patricia Brentrup.

The fire swiftly spread and tragically killed four neighbors. Following that, a protracted court struggle occurred, involving not just Patricia but also Macaulay. The event was described by the “Richie Rich” star as follows:

“Two family members smashed down our front door and told us.” I dashed to the TV, and there it was: the Culkin fire. Of course, the image they got was of a burning Christmas tree, but it had nothing to do with Christmas trees.

Following the fire, the family gathered at Macaulay’s house for Christmas. Despite the sadness of the situation, the family was pleased to be together for the holiday. However, Macaulay’s own tiny family has been ripped apart a few years later, and he blames himself.

Macaulay and Rachel announced their separation in early 2000. Macaulay has always been seen and, in some cases, tormented by admirers in public. The repercussions of the attention accumulated over time and rendered the actor unable to leave his home.

Although the actor has lately battled with his worries, he has not returned to the public eye. Rumors of a purported and disproven drug addiction also contributed to his seclusion. The “My Girl” star discussed his disastrous marriage:

“I had to learn to converse and communicate, and I should’ve done more of it.”

Unlike so many child actors before him, Macaulay managed to avoid substance abuse and even only went to a club in his 20s. He often said he felt like he had to avoid the usual pitfalls of fame because so many people expected him to fit the stereotypical profile.

But one more thing could only fulfill his life even more. Macaulay wanted a baby.

Instead, Macaulay retracted from the world. He avoided the public’s gaze fervently, preferring the safety and privacy of his home. Finally, after spending years out of the spotlight, he realized he needed to return to what he loved most. So, the actor started working again with the play “Madame Melville.”

Macaulay, like many London critics, anticipated that his return performance would be awful. Instead, the play was applauded, and his performance was hailed as among his greatest. However, the actor yearned for his own family.

Macaulay’s comeback to the stage had not provided him with what he desired. He may have regained his confidence in public, but he still lacked one thing he genuinely desired. However, everything changed on the set of “Changeland.”

In 2017, Macaulay appeared in a film directed by his friend, Seth Green, in Thailand. Brenda Song was cast alongside the “Party Monster” star. When the two met on site, they hit it off immediately. They eventually moved in together and added a few additional pets. He was content at the time.

“Look at me: I have money, fame, a gorgeous girlfriend, a beautiful house, and beautiful animals.”


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But one more item could only make his life more complete. Macaulay wants a child. And, not long after moving in together, Macaulay and Brenda were ecstatic to learn that another was on the way. Brenda gave birth to a healthy son named Dakota Song Culkin on April 5, 2021.

Macaulay eventually achieved everything he desired when he was 40 years old. They chose the name Macaulay after Macaulay’s sister, who died in 2008. The pair didn’t say much to the press, in typical Macaulay manner, except:

“We’re happy.”


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Macaulay thought it was time to make things official with Brenda after the joyous birth of their first child. The “Sweet Life of Zack and Cody” actress was wearing an engagement ring nine months after Dakota was born. They also stated that Dakota should have siblings.

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