Madonna opens up about parenting, says being raised by her as a mother is “a hardship” for her children…

Madonna is being really open and honest about the fact that she is a mother to six children.

The music queen, who is 64 years old, disclosed this information when appearing on the cover of Vanity Fair’s “Icon Issue” for the publication’s Spanish, Italian, and French editions. She went on to say that being raised by her as a mother is “a hardship” for her children.

Madonna, who is the mother of daughters Lourdes, 26, Mercy, 16, and twins Estere and Stella, 10, as well as sons Rocco, 22, and David, 17, said, “Today I am still struggling to understand how to be a mother and do my job.”

She also noted that motherhood “has been the most difficult, the hardest battle.”

Madonna went on to say that the thing that makes her “the happiest” in her job as a mother is watching how each of her children “has discovered their creativity.”

“I have never pushed my daughter Lola to become a musician, and I have never pushed my son Rocco to become an artist. However, they have always been exposed to art and music because to me,” she said.

“I couldn’t be happier with the way that they are right now. And I’m proud of the job that they’ve done.”

The musician, who just made the announcement that she will mark the 40th anniversary of the beginning of her career later this year with The Celebration Tour, went on to say that “spending time with my kids” is another activity that makes her happy.

Madonna continued by saying, “And to see them happy, to see their development, to watch them change, and then to discover the things that they love.”

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