“Real men” replied after Brad Pitt criticized Clint Eastwood’s style of masculinity

Brad Pitt discussed his thoughts on masculinity during an interview. This comes after the two-time Oscar winner walked the German red carpet in a “linen skirt.” When asked about his “fashion-forward” choice, Pitt said, “We’re all going to die, so let’s screw it up.”

Pitt, who was born in Oklahoma and raised in Missouri, said Clint Eastwood’s masculinity was oppressive and out of date. Pitt noted that it is tough to be someone other than oneself. One must know that, at least where he grew up, one is more like Clint Eastwood’s character: one keeps everything inside, one is capable, one can deal with everything, and one does not exhibit weakness. It’s frustrating for him because he sees it in his father and previous generations of performers.

Following such comments, Pitt was immediately blasted on social media by fans who believed it was all a PR stunt to rehabilitate his image following his ex-wife Angelina Jolie’s countersuit alleging physical assault against her and two of their children on a private plane journey six years ago.

Not only was the hashtag #BradPittIsAnAbuser trending on Twitter, but he was also chastised by “genuine guys” who were offended by his Clint Eastwood joke. “Brad Pitt,” he explains. Tyler Durden developed one of the most bada*s personas ever in 1999. In 2022, I’ll be walking the red carpet in a skirt. This represents the decline of Western culture; genuine men need to rise now more than ever before, according to one male Twitter user. Do not get this feminist illness.

In reaction to Pitt’s views on masculinity, Josh L. noted that there were individuals who ran into the Twin Towers on 9/11 while others escaped. Guys who fought in Europe and the Pacific…these are men who made few, if any, complaints while contributing greatly. He’s tired of metrosexuals who believe they’re so brilliant at redefining men and women.

Another person stated that if a man wants to wear a skirt, he is not a valuable part of society. To keep civilization going, you need strong, capable men, not feminine b*tch boys who can’t do anything. Several guys were enraged by Pitt’s comments.

Brad Pitt revealed in a 2019 interview that his film, Ad Astra, was about exploring the issue of toxic masculinity and its detrimental consequences. Pitt said that looking back, he and James Gray were exploring the idea of what it means to be a man. They both grew up in a time when they were expected to be strong, which has meaning but is also a barrier because it hides some of the things they are ashamed of. They are all hiding and carrying their own agony and injuries.

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