Robert Downey Jr. discussed the “Ultimatum” that his wife Susan presented to him as a means of overcoming his habits…

They say marriage in Hollywood is a match made in heaven, and Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey are living proof of that. Things have not always been as smooth sailing for them, despite the fact that they are still together and have three gorgeous children to show for it.

During an interview, the two spoke about the beginning of their relationship, which featured an audacious act on Susan’s part that persuaded Robert Downey Jr. to give up his dependency.

Susan told the audience, who had just finished seeing a screening of the couple’s new Netflix documentary Sr., “With someone with habit you know it has nothing to do with someone else, they have to be ready.

If you can be a little part of establishing an alternate environment for kids that says, “Hey, I’m here if you’re clean,” that would be wonderful.”

She continued by noting, “There is no credit I will ever claim for anything other than simply saying, ‘Here’s what I need to have happen, or more importantly what can’t be happening,’ but it’s totally that person.”

Robert felt that the conversation had a significant effect on him. He described it as “the talk I’ve ever had in my life that was the clearest.

When someone is being so direct with you about something, you think to yourself, ‘There is zero wriggle space here.'” In conclusion, he said, “Ultimums are effective.”

Susan said, “They only work if the person’s ready,” to which he cheekily answered, “You make me ready.”

Even when they are discussing a difficult period in their history, they still find ways to make things lighthearted and express their appreciation for one another; it’s so adorable!

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