“That’s a shame,” Jennifer Aniston recalls shooting last episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”…

During the recording of the final edition of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Jennifer Aniston had a difficult time keeping it together.

Aniston, who is 53 years old, recalled that it was “so oddly sad.”

Throughout the course of The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s 19-season run, Aniston, who now serves as the Chief Creative Officer for Vital Proteins, made many appearances on the program.

The actress was Ellen DeGeneres’ first guest when the show premiered in September 2003, and in a moment of full circle, she returned for the final episode, which was taped on April 28 and aired nearly a month later on May 26.

Aniston and DeGeneres, had the opportunity to reflect on all of the experiences they had together while working on the program on its last episode. After then, the Friends actress presented DeGeneres with a welcome mat that said “Thanks for the Memories.”

This was a homage to the mat that the actress had given to the host during their very first on-air talk many years ago.

And Jennifer Aniston claims that she still hasn’t digested the fact that she’ll never appear as a guest on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show again, even though it’s been a few weeks since the series finale of the show was shown on DeGeneres’ program.

She utters the following phrase: “I still can’t get my brain around the reality that that’s all.

Despite the fact that the world existed before Ellen and will continue to exist after, she brought so much entertainment, love, pleasure, and laughter to people’s lives. That’s a shame, I  don’t know what’s going to fill it,” the actress said.

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