Miranda Kerr reveals what she thinks of Katy Perry, who is now engaged to her ex-spouse Orlando Bloom…

The Australian model discussed her relations with Katy Perry, who is now engaged to the model’s former spouse Orlando Bloom, “I like Katy and am delighted Orlando found someone he is happy with”

Kerr, 39, continued by saying that she and Bloom’s son Flynn, who is 11 years old, can now count on having “four happy parents who get along.

When we divorced, the most important thing we determined we could do is that whenever we make a choice, we ask ourselves, ‘is this in the best interest of our child?’ No matter what happens, we will always remain a family.”

In addition to their shared interest in their families, Kerr and Perry also have a common interest in matters of beauty and self-care, particularly in regard to Kerr’s skincare company, Kora Organics.

Kerr has never been secretive about the harmonious chemistry that exists within their family among the four members.

The Victoria’s Secret model said that she and Perry “just bonded instantaneously so quickly, like we had been friends before or something.

It is such a gift that Evan and Orlando get along just as well as Katy and I do, and there is no reason why this shouldn’t continue to be the case”

When asked about it at the time, Spiegel responded, “This is one of the things I adore about Miranda. Everyone is encouraged to attend. It’s how we do things down under.”

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