The dog rescued the baby from an unpleasant babysitter

What this dog did to help his family is a great reminder to pay attention to your pet if he or she begins acting strangely!

Benjamin and Hope Jordan may credit their dog, Killian, for alerting them to the possibility that anything was wrong with the babysitter they hired to care for their infant child, Finn.

When Killian began snarling and guarding Finn whenever the babysitter stopped over, the Jordans began to believe something was amiss. “About 5 months into her being our babysitter, we saw our dog become extremely defensive of our son anytime she would come in the door,” Benjamin told South Carolina’s WCSC Live 5 News. “He was really aggressive towards her, and we had to physically keep our dog from approaching her on a few occasions.”

When the lady returned, the pair decided to place an iPhone beneath the sofa and capture sounds. They went directly to the police because of what they heard! Killian is a true hero for assisting in the rescue of Finn!

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