The fact that Queen Elizabeth sent a letter to little Prince William by hand is evidence of the close relationship the two of them had…

William had a wonderful sense of direction and source of power in Queen Elizabeth, who ruled the country for the most of her life.

Over the years, Queen Elizabeth and Prince William have developed a very strong relationship, in part because of the passing of William’s mother and also because of his position in the line of succession.

When Grandma passed away in September 2022, it was no surprise to anybody that the now-adult William was particularly devastated by the news.

A specific letter has surfaced and gained widespread attention because it sheds light on the bond that existed between the late princess and her grandson, Prince William.

Following its acquisition by a former member of Princess Diana’s staff, the letter written by the late queen was consigned to RR Auction in Boston in 2016 with the purpose of being sold to the highest bidder.

The message that was left for William said, “William, I hope you enjoy opening this each day, Granny.”

Robert Livingston, Vice President of RR Auction, referred to the note as “a rarely-encountered piece of correspondence from within the royal family, enhanced by its fitting Christmastime association.”

Livingston’s comments were cited in the auction house’s description of the note.

The retailer speculated that the price of the note at auction was anywhere between £1,270 and $1,500. Even though it was just a few paragraphs long, the letter was full of warmth and demonstrated how much the late queen cherished her relationship with her grandchildren.

Prince William made a statement expressing his sorrow for the passing of a valuable life shortly after the demise of Queen Elizabeth on September 8, 2022, which occurred in Balmoral Castle.

“Whenever I was having the time of my life, you could find her at my side. And she was by my side through the worst days of my life. I will always be grateful to her for that.

I knew this day would come, but it will be some time before the reality of living without Grannie will completely seem true.”

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