The Future Dad Is Curious About What It Is Like To Be Pregnant, So He Grabs A Watermelon And Some Tape To Act It Out…

Larisa Titoyan’s husband was curious about what it was like to be pregnant and asked her about her experience, as a result, he put a watermelon on his tummy and tried to replicate some of the common difficulties that pregnant women have. To put it another way, like lacing your shoes!

Every woman who has gone through the experience of pregnancy is aware of the everyday challenges that accompany the process of creating a new human being inside of her. It is a wonder that a little person can be created, yet the process of pregnancy is quite taxing on the body of the mother.

Men can never truly comprehend the extent to which women put their health, their lives, their jobs, and even their ability to sleep all on the line in order to bring a child into the world.

Even the simplest of tasks, such as tying our shoes or getting out of bed, might seem as difficult as climbing Mount Everest.

Mother-to-be Larisa Titoyan wished for her husband to have first-hand knowledge of what it is like to carry a child. In addition, he voluntarily gave permission for a watermelon to be duct-taped to his tummy, but that’s not all; in addition to that, he consented to have cantaloupes fastened to his chest.

This soon-to-be father has, apparently, a pretty fair notion of what it’s like to carry around an additional 35 pounds of weight.

It’s funny to see him struggle as he attempts to get out of bed or put his shoes on, and now there is a whole watermelon challenge.

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