The Incredible Voice of the Man Singing at the Gas Station Blows Everyone Away… 

James “Bear” Bailey is the singer that was heard performing in this Louisiana service station. Not only did his silky smooth voice wow the other customers, but it also helped Bear become a phenomenon that spread over the internet.

The teller challenges the customer to perform a Keith Urban song right at the beginning of this video clip. The guy gives a little giggle before nodding his head in agreement to sing.

The guy wearing a Rolling Stones shirt and sporting arm tattoos starts singing “Til Summer Comes” by Keith Urban, and the rest of the shop is completely taken aback by his performance.

The shopper standing next to him looks to be taken aback by the voice coming from the consumer in front of him. James Bailey, better known by his stage name Bear, is a local of Louisiana who rose to fame thanks to videos of him singing at gas stations that went viral on the internet.

People in various shops now request that he perform for them. While he is singing “All of Me” by John Legend, a female in the audience cheers him on by saying, “OK, Bear!” in a reassuring tone of voice.

Even if the rest of the world may not see much promise in us, we know that everything is possible, we have the ability to be the voices that spread the good news to our own communities and neighborhoods.

We have the ability to be the ones who defend our beliefs and communicate it uninhibitedly.

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