The Mother Takes action Against Those Who Judge Her for Enjoying Herself While Leaving the Children with their Father for 2 Days…

Our mothers are always there for us anytime we may want their assistance, so it’s safe to say that our mothers are the most accessible members of our family at any given time.  But the fact of the matter is that mothers have a right to enjoy themselves as well. Even while they are deserving of a vacation, the internet isn’t always on board with the concept that they should take one.

Ashy Bines, a fitness influencer who also had a son who was just four months old when she left him with her spouse for two days, is a mother of two.

In justification of her actions, she said that despite the fact that she is a parent, she still wanted to engage in the more carefree aspects of life. Therefore, she went on Instagram in order to defend herself against the criticism that she had been getting as a result of her following.

The next thing that happened was that Bines uploaded a picture of herself holding her child just before she went for the airport. She also expressed her gratitude to her husband, Steven Evans, for handling all of the motherly responsibilities in her absence.

“Just a few moments ago, I sobbed uncontrollably at the airport as I said goodbye to my kid, a little less than 48 hours…. It’s no problem for me! It seems as like I am missing one arm, but my husband is giving me a lot of videos and doing a great job of being a single parent. She said that she felt “very fortunate to have my family.”

She then responded to the cruel comments that were directed against her, adding that she too wanted to have some fun with the situation.

She went on to say that she was relieved to know that her children were in good care and that she did not need to be concerned about them.

She remarked, “I know judgment has come flying my way for leaving her for 48 hours but hear me out. I CAN ENJOY MYSELF KNOWING THAT THE KIDS ARE HAPPY AND SAFE BECAUSE I LOVE MY BABY and I COMPLETELY TRUST AND LOVE THAT STEVE IS BONDING WITH THE KID.,”

“This morning, I received a Direct Message (DM) that said, ‘how COULD you leave your kid with Steve for so long? That’s just awful.’ I believe it’s wrong for other women to think it’s bad to give such a message, and I don’t see why I would want to have children with someone I don’t trust. Is it a mistake to send my children with their father?

If a father were to disappear for two days, he would not be questioned in any manner.’

“Mothers, let’s be kind to one another and not project or communicate hatred to another mother who is just going about her business. We all do exactly what feels good for us.”

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