The much-loved owner of the business expresses gratitude to the community for purchasing doughnuts while she was in a coma…

Donut City, located in Seal Beach, California, is family-owned and operated by John and Stella Chhan, who have been in business there for over three decades.

Every morning with enormous grins on their cheeks, the married pair made sure to greet their clients by providing them with cinnamon buns, doughnuts, and muffins. They never missed a day of work.

Therefore, when their devoted customers realized that the husband-and-wife combination seemed to be without a member – Stella – they started to worry about the situation.

They questioned John about her, and in response, he informed them that Stella had just had brain surgery and was now recuperating at a nursing facility.

Stella, who was normally so active, remained in a condition similar to sleep for the next two weeks. In addition to this, she lost her capacity for speech. John gets ready for the day by heading to Donut City at a little bit past 4:30 in the morning.

After the last loaf of bread was purchased, John would close up shop so that he could spend more time with Stella.

John graciously declined all of the offers of financial assistance and assistance in setting up a GoFundMe page for Stella, stating that they had sufficient funds for the situation at hand.

Therefore, Dawn Caviola, who has been one of their clients for a very long time, thought of another method to assist.

She said.  “I reasoned that if enough customers purchased a dozen doughnuts each morning, he would be able to close his shop earlier and spend more time with his wife.”

The feedback that Dawn received after posting her concept on the social networking platform Nextdoor was almost instantaneous. Early in the morning, a swarm of customers descended upon the shop in order to purchase hundreds of doughnuts.

John was able to leave his business earlier than normal so that he could spend more time with his wife since the news got out that his items were sold out before midday.

Stella has returned to her position behind the counter after an absence of around a year, much to the surprise of customers who have been longing for the thoughtfulness of the proprietor of the little company.

Stella said that the overwhelming amount of support that they got was important in her recovery.

No, the proprietors of the small firm are once again serving clients as a team; the only difference is that this time Stella and John are serving their customers with a particularly warm regard since they are aware of how much the community has done for them.

“I feel thankful,” Stella stated. “They embrace me in their arms. I’m really delighted.”

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