The violin is played perfectly by a Japanese nurse despite having a prosthetic arm…

Manami Ito is the epitome of a person who has triumphed over the challenges that have been placed in her path in order to live her life to the greatest possible extent. When she was still in school to become a nurse, she was involved in a car accident in 2004 that resulted in the loss of her right arm.

Even though Manami Ito is missing one arm, the devotion and desire to live her life to the fullest and discover her potential that she has always had are still very much a part of her.

Manami Ito received her prosthetic limb after spending some time at a rehabilitation center. During her time there, she saw a number of individuals with disabilities engaging in activities that are possible for normal people. She was quite aback to learn that some persons with disabilities are able to participate in sports like basketball.

In spite of her impairment, Manami Ito was encouraged to seek the acquisition of other talents after being motivated by the respectable sight she witnessed in the medical facility.

Manami Ito is recognized as one of the best swimmers in the Paralympics. In the year 2008, the motivational lady finished in fourth position in the 100-meter breaststroke competition at the Beijing Paralympics.

Four years later, at the London Paralympics, she finished in eighth place. In addition to her accomplishments as a swimmer for the Paralympics, Manami Ito was also able to realize another one of her lifelong goals and become a qualified nurse.

In point of fact, she is the very first nurse in all of Japan to use an artificial arm. In addition to all of that, Manami Ito has a degree in violin performance! In all seriousness, is there anything that she is unable to do?!

Currently, Manami Ito spends her time touring the United States and showcasing her musical talents by singing in various venues.

The incredible life of Manami Ito should serve as a lesson to all of us: we should never let obstacles and problems prevent us from realizing our full potential.

Her inspiring performance on the violin while using her prosthetic arm was seen by thousands of people all over the globe. The Japanese lady who is now functioning as an example has received support and words of encouragement from thousands of these individuals.

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