Their family was torn apart because of tragedy, but now he is reuniting with his long-lost brothers whom he has been missing so much for almost 8 decades…

Their family was torn apart by a tragedy, but now he is getting back together with his long-lost brothers whom he has missed.

Ted Nobbs, then 80 years old, was under the impression that he, his long-lost brothers John and Barry, and their youngest brother, Geoff, would never be able to be back together again.

They had a lovely family, but tragedy struck when their mother passed from cancer while in her 30s. Their father was an engineer, and he worried that he wouldn’t be able to adequately care for his little child.

Therefore, in the goal of providing Geoff with a more fulfilling life, he was lovingly placed for adoption. The family eventually relocated to Australia after adopting him.

Ted was motivated to get back together with his brothers and look for Geoff by his deep-seated desire to discover the bonds that bind inside his family.

Unfortunately, his brother John went away before the family could be back together again. The demise of John seems to motivate the siblings to hunt for Geoff with a little bit more diligence.

After a search that spanned seventy-seven years, they finally located Geoff thanks, however, they were no longer chubby young boys with scraped knees and rosy cheeks; rather, they had become grandfatherly men with white hair and wrinkled skin that indicated the passing of time.

The first time the three brothers saw each other again after a long separation was over Skype. This began a string of frequent phone conversations between them, during which they caught each other up and discussed their lives.

Soon arrangements were underway to meet in person. For Ted’s eightieth birthday, his wife and son had arranged a surprise visit from their long-lost brother, but epidemic put a stop to the reunion before it could take place.

Despite this, Geoff was able to go online for a birthday video call with Ted to wish him a happy birthday. In order to meet Geoff and his eight children, Ted will be going all the way to Australia.

Ted will not only get the opportunity to meet Geoff and his family in person, but he will also be able to share in the joy of Geoff’s granddaughter’s wedding!

Ted responded in the same manner that he and his brothers usually do when they are questioned about their long-awaited get-together. “Geoff hasn’t shared too much with me about his life out there in the wilderness.

To tell you the truth, most of the time when we’re chit-chatting, we make fun of one another in reference to cricket or rugby. That strikes me as the very definition of brotherly love!”

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